When We Rained Down

Remember that time of evil thunders -
The sky turned into a dark heaven,
But love worked hundred wonders.
You know, there's more than seven.

When the clouds opened to rinse
Our black souls and dirty minds,
Water was not enough to convince
Us of the duty that binds.

Instead we just rained down
In streams of tears and sweat,
Our poor bodies rained down
Until the earth was wet.

One Poem

Only one small poem
To make everything right;
It's not to show them
Any burden is light,
Rather a sudden wish
To deny I'm foolish.

I may lack the will
To close a chapter,
I linger on. Still.
Describe you thereafter,
Count words like moments,
Imagine your comments.

I may badly miss
Your candid direct speech,
Commas gone amiss,
Paper needing bleach,
Handwriting so edgy,
The ink - all smudgy...

But I've got one small poem,
Worth more than a whole book;
Only mine, never meant for them.
A short lifetime is what it took
To see it is not an excuse -
The metaphor of you is my muse.

Two Berries

Cinnamon-warm hands,
Poppy seeds sprinkled in your eyes,
That lock of hair immersed in cocoa.
I need a soft vanilla kiss
That would turn into
Freshly plucked melissa.
And where is the heart of yours?
It beats in a shell of a walnut,
Drips tears of lemon sourness,
Hurts in the bitterness of rowan,
Until it opens up in the rosiness
Of an almond tree blossom,
Dresses in cotton candy,
Wraps me in toffee smell,
Charms with the taste of chocolate...
I melt in your liquid smile,
Hot and caramel sweet,
And get lost
In the passions
Of two cherries.

Realistic Magic

my humble dedication to G. G. M.

The one who can make believe
In magic of fluorescent sea,
Lost lovers who never leave,
Fortune-tellers who cannot see,
Morbid ghost ships made of fear,
A mixture of chocolate and blood
Trickling down like a tear
From enchanted petals of a bud,
Is not just a child of fantasy,
An eternal adolescent who fights
His recklessness and agony
Like an army of imagined knights.
He is the one who realizes,
Even when life is tragical
With its losses and prizes,
That the reality is magical.


Berlin, Gärten der Welt.


Thank God you are not here tonight,
I'd lose my consciousness, my sight.

If you came back at early dawn,
I'd forget my rationale, my pride,
They'd disappear like dew in lawn -
Admittedly, that's my other side.

The sunrise might bring you back, my dear,
Only a matter of time, I fear...

2011 - 4/20/2014



from blue sights of a lost one

from afternoons of nightly touches

from heart-warming lies


from ghosts to hope for

from the heat of the deleted

from smiles tuned down


from sweetness, real and artificial

from joys, transitory and corrupting

from the depths of a stranger



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